Central Baptist Christian Academy


The Spiritual Advantage
Our Philosophy

CBCA offers an approach to belief and behavior that looks consistently to the Bible for its basis. Homeroom devotions, classroom prayer, chapel, Bible classes, and Christian textbooks, combined with a conservative dress code and Scriptural code of conduct, provide an atmosphere that is a foundation for the Christian walk.

The Family Advantage!
Our Parents

God has granted parents the demanding task of rearing children to honor Him. We believe CBCA can help the Christian family remain strong by reinforcing biblical principles. Many of our parents support the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) and also volunteer as lunch workers, recess monitors, and helpers. This gives CBCA students a team of family and faculty to support them.

The Service Advantage
Our Purpose

CBCA is not just about knowledge but also about training Christian young people in godly character, principles of leadership, discipline, individual responsibility, and good citizenship. CBCA strives to provide a sound academic education integrated through a Christian view of God and the world.

CBCA is committed to providing excellence in Christian education. Each class creates an environment for academic achievement and proper social development. From intensive phonics in the lower levels, to higher level math and sciences, CBCA gives a balanced education with many electives and extra-curricular activities.