MEGA Sports Camp is for campers 4 - 12 years old. Held on from Sunday, July 14th - Thursday, July 18th, from 600 p.m. - 8:45 p.m.; MEGA Sports Camp will help campers improve their skills, learn character traits that will help them in sports and in life, and learn about the love God has for them.

COST is $25 per camper or $50 max per immediate family. This cost includes quality instruction, a T-shirt, drawstring bag, awards, snacks & extras.

AGES 4-6: These beginning athletes will learn basic sports concepts that will prepare them for team sports in the years to come. These concepts include: Movement and balance, Interacting with sports equipment, especially kicking, throwing, and catching a ball, Staying inside physical boundaries, Judging distances and learning how much space it takes to perform an activity, Learning to move to musical rhythms and Connecting motor skills to instruction, reading, and stories. This age group MOVES!

AGES 7-12: These athletes must choose EITHER soccer or basketball. On the registration form, indicate which they prefer. They need to bring their own ball, labeled with their name. The soccer campers will enjoy our full sized soccer field, while the basketball campers will learn their skills in our gymnasium.

MEGA Sports Camp Registration

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AGES 4-6: These campers DO NOT NEED TO BRING ANYTHING WITH THEM to camp,. Do not bring any balls. They ARE NOT CHOOSING A SPORT.
This age group will learn basic sports concepts
For Ages 7-12 ONLY
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COST is $25 per camper; $50 max per immediate household
Includes: sports instruction, t-shirt, draw string bag, awards, snacks and extras.
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